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Stay Awhile! 

Scottsbluff and Gering are nestled in between several beautiful landmarks, including the Scotts Bluff National Monument and Chimney Rock. Stay for the weekend and enjoy some of the great area attractions, including museums, landmarks, shopping, and outdoor recreation. We recommend you check out the Scotts Bluff County Tourism website for more information on local lakes, attractions, and entertainment.



In Gering

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites - 960 M Street - 308.633-7660

Monument Inn & Suites - 308.436-1950 -


In Scottsbluff

Comfort Inn & Suites - (308) 632-7510 -

Hampton Inn & Suites - (308) 635-5200 -

Holiday Inn & Suites - 1-800-315-2621 -

Bed & Breakfast

Barn Anew Bed & Breakfast - (308) 632-8647 -


Campgrounds & RV Parks

Riverside Campgound, Scottsbluff - 632-6342
Route 26 Campground, Scottsbluff - 635-3760
Robidoux Camp Ground, Gering - 308-436-2046




In Gering:


Domino's Pizza - 2915 N. 10th Street - 308.633.0003

Log Cabin Restaurant and Lounge - 1205 M Street- 308.436.4786

Mixing Bowl - 1945 10th Street - 308.633.1288 

Monument Grill - 2550 Club House Dr. (Gering Golf Course) - 308.635.6868

Steel Grill - 2800 N. 10th Street - 308.633.1020

Tea Garden - 3485 N. 10th Street - 308.632.1008


Fast Food

McDonald’s - 1855 10th Street - 308.436.7407

Runza Restaurant - 1250 13th Street - 308.436.7869

Subway - 1635 10th Street - 308.436.2221

Taco John’s - 3650 N. 10th Street - 308.632.3100



Carmen’s Burritos - 3460 N. 10th Street - 308.635.7197

Sandy’s Burritos - 2925 N. 10th Street - 308.635.2750



Daily Grind Coffee House - 1520 10th Street - 308.436-9191

Gering Bakery -1446 10th Street - 308.436.5500

The Union (Bar & Grill) - 1425 10th Street - 308.436.7741


In Scottsbluff:


Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill - 2621 5th Avenue - 308.635.7750
Chili’s Bar & Grill - 826 W. 36th Street - 308.633-1580
China Buffet – 1508 E. 20th Street - 308.635.8534
Main Street Market - 1001 Ave I - 308.633.1320 
Oriental House - 1502 E. 20th Street - 308.632.3922
Perkins Restaurant - 303 W. Hwy 26 - 308.635.2035
Prime Cut Meat Market and Restaurant - 305 W. 27th Street - 308.632.5353
Shari’s Restaurant - 1408 Circle Drive - 308.635.3464
Wonderful House Restaurant - Ave I and Hwy 26 - 308.632.1668
Woodshed Restaurant - 18 E. 16th Street - 308.635.3684


Fast Food

Arby’s - 601 W. 27th Street - 308.632.3300
Culver's Restaurant - 2915 Avenue B - 308.220.0045
Dairy Queen - 714 W. 27th Street - 308.632.3663
Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches - 3018 Avenue I - 308.220.0509
 - 828 W. 27th St. - 308.632.3221
McDonald’s - 511 W. 27th Street - 308.632.6511
Runza - 1823 Broadway - 308.632.6771
Scotty’s Drive-In - 618 E. 27th Street - 308.635.3314
Sonic America’s Drive-In - 3106 Avenue I - 308.635.7541
Subway - 814 W. 27th - 308.632-3005

Taco Town - 1007 W. 27th Street - 308.635.3776


Carmen’s Burritos - 812 East Overland - 308.632.7650
El Charrito - 802 21st Ave - 308.632.3534
El Mexicano - 510 E. Ninth Street - 308.635.0228
El Molcajete - 1013 E. Overland - 308.632.7301
Hacienda Los Garcias - 511 W. 27th Street - 308.635.0400
Ole’s Mexican Restaurant - 1901 E. 20th Street - 308.632.1766

Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant - 1205 E. Overland - 308.632.2429
San Pedro Mexican Restaurant - 23 W 27th Street - 308.220-3811
Taco De Oro - 2601 Avenue I - 308.632.8322



Domino’s Pizza - 706 W. 27th Street - 308.635.0330 - carryout only
Pizza Hut - 726 W. 27th Street - 308.632.3022



Bluffs Bakery - 1520 Broadway - 308.633.6730
Dairy King - 910 W. Overland
La Plaza (inside Western Truck Terminal) - 822 SW Beltline Hwy - 308.630.0150
Platte Valley Creamery - 1005 E. Overland - 308.632.4225 

Area Attractions

The Scottsbluff and Gering area is absolutely beautiful, and if you're visiting for the weekend, bring your family and enjoy some of our many available recreational opportunities. For more information on the sites listed below, visit the Scotts Bluff County Tourism website.

In Gering:

Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area and Nature Center

Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area, Nature Center and wildlife reserve encompass 1,094 acres of rugged rock buttes and pine-clad canyons south of Gering.  Geared primarily for day-use, the recreation area overlooks the North Platte River Valley and historic Scotts Bluff National Monument looms to the northwest.

Type: RV and Camping

          State Recreation Area


Robidoux Pass National Historic Landmark and Trading Post

Robidoux Pass was a significant landmark on the Oregon Trail. In 1848, an Indian trader named Robidoux established a trading post near this natural landmark on the old Oregon Trail. In 1850, a shorter route was opened through Mitchell Pass, just south of the monument itself and much closer to the Platte River and eliminated the eight-mile swing south.

Type:  National Historic Site


Scotts Bluff National Monument

In 1828, a fur trapper by the name of Hiram Scott was wounded and deserted by his companions. He gained a certain immortality by making his way to a magnificent formation of bluffs along the North Platte River before succumbing to his wounds. It was for Hiram Scott that Scotts Bluff National Monument, Scotts Bluff County, and the city of Scottsbluff have been named.

Type: National Monument


Legacy of the Plains Museum

Located on the Oregon Trail, the Legacy of the Plains Museum features an impressive collection of pioneer and early community artifacts, antique tractors, and farm implements; an 80-acre working farm; historic farmstead structures; and striking views of Scotts Bluff National Monument. Come live the timeless stories of the Nebraska prairie.

Type: Museum


In Scottsbluff:

Rebecca Winters Grave

Just off Highway 26 east of Scottsbluff sits a shaded grave, surrounded by protective green trees. You might wonder the story of that gravesite. Who is in it? Why is it so significant? An educational historical marker will tell you that the grave belongs to Rebecca Winters, one of the few people to be buried in a marked grave along the Mormon Trail.

Type: Attraction

Riverside Discovery Center

Riverside Discovery Center - Riverside’s 22 acre zoo features a diverse collection of both native and exotic wildlife exhibits providing an up close encounter in a lush park setting in Scottsbluff. Includes chimpanzees, monkeys, birds, eagles, zebra, buffalo, lions, tigers, reptiles and much more. See website below.

Type:  Attraction


Victory Hill Farm

Victory Hill Farm is a small family-owned and operated Grade A Goat Dairy Farm and cheesemaking operation in western Nebraska. Our mission is to grow, produce and sell locally the finest earth-friendly farm products, specializing in farmstead artisan goat cheese. These fresh and aged cheeses are handmade in small quantities using only milk from the herd of goats located on this farm.

Type: Agri-Tourism


Fort Mitchell and Pony Express Station

A monument on the left to Pony Express riders and a marker on the right identifying Fort Mitchell’s northwest corner sit to the west of the intersection of Highway 92 and Hunt Dairy Road. Mitchell Pass and the City of Mitchell derive their names from the cavalry-era fort, built in 1864. Today, no trace of the fort remains.

Type:  Attraction


In Our Area:

Fossil Freeway

The Fossil Freeway is a one-of-a-kind highway corridor between Nebraska’s Panhandle and The Black Hills in South Dakota where one will experience the wonders of our rich fossil history. Step back in time as you visit many exceptional sites along this route, which exhibit rare and remarkable treasures from our prehistoric past.

Type: Attraction

Area: Entire Area


Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Agate Fossil Beds and its surrounding prairie are preserved in a 3,000-acre national monument. Once part of “Captain” James H. Cook’s Agate Springs Ranch, the nearby beds are an important source for 19.2 million year-old Miocene epoch mammal fossils. Cook’s ranch also became a gathering place for Chief Red Cloud and other Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Indian people.

Type: National Monument

Area:  Harrison

BeeHaven Farm Roadside Market

We sell locally grown, all-natural produce, and cheeses. We also feature local artisans like Double L Country store luxurious soaps and body butters, Laura Leggott Granola, Victory Hill Cheese and Surface of the Sun Dry Rubs. Because we are always looking for the best products in the Panhandle area, our inventory is always changing. Come by often and see what's new down on the farm.

Type: Agri-Tourism

Area: North of Kimball


Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Chimney Rock was the most noted landmark in all the pioneer’s diaries on the Oregon, Mormon, and California Trails. The Ethel and Christopher J. Abbott Visitor Center houses museum exhibits, a hands-on opportunity to “pack your wagon,” and a video presentation that tells the story of the great migration West.

Type: National Historic Site

Area: Bayard

Lake Minatare State Recreation Area

If being indoors during the winter has got you itching for a chance to play in the water, Lake Minatare State Recreation Area won’t let you down.

Type: Attraction

          RV and Camping

          State Recreation Area

Area: Minatare

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